War Thunder 1.29 (Review).

This post originally appeared on AussieGameGeek. Check them out, they are devastatingly handsome. Oh Facebook. If it wasn’t for one of your annoying targeted advertisements that appears on the side of the news feed in Facebook I never would have heard of War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment’s ambitious MMO which is “dedicated to World War 2 … Continue reading

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (Review).

This review originally appeared on AussieGameGeek.com.au – Those purveyors of all that is worth knowing in gaming and suppliers of my review copies. Give them a look, they are a great bunch of guys! Before you read this review, consider this awesome Penny Arcade 3 panel. http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2013/04/05 Checked it out? Good. It pretty much nails … Continue reading

Tomb Raider Review.

This originally appeared at aussiegamegeek.com.au. Visit them, they’re awesome.   Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A beloved franchise, adored by millions but recently fallen on harder times is taken over by a new creative team and reinvigorated for a new and adoring audience. Yeah, I thought so. Welcome to 2013’s best reclamation … Continue reading

The Power of the Party.

In 2006 I bought an Xbox 360 on the date of the consoles Australian launch and I was hooked. 2 months later and I was barely playing it. 2 months after that and I was so hooked that I’m sitting here writing about what got me re-hooked 5 years after the fact. Confused? Welcome to … Continue reading

Gaming Angry.

Quite often I find myself playing a game on one of my consoles and a red-hot fiery rage developing as I play. It’s hardly deliberate I assure you. I’m not a terribly emotive person at the best of times as my long-suffering and loyal wife would attest too. But sometimes, something just snaps in some … Continue reading