TAFE Media Project Diary Pt 3: Spinning Wheels (AKA Waiting For Contact).

I’m waiting for replies via the intermediary I’m using to get in touch with my various targets. In the meantime I’m going to use the mid-semester break to nail down my questions and interview angles and to work on my blog a little to improve how it looks. I will be taking a trip to … Continue reading

TAFE Media Project Diary Pt 2: The Second Part (AKA The Status Report).

Progress report… Having now completed the readings that were suggested and begun the initial organistation for getting in contact with my sources. The first stumbling block I have encountered is that many of my interview subjects are based interstate. That means that email or phone calls are going to be the best (and possibly only) … Continue reading

The Nick/Antoni Interviews.

It’s hardly Frost VS Nixon, but here is a small series of interviews conducted by Nick Monfries and Antoni Bell at The West Street Petersham TAFE Campus on March 14th 2013. Enjoy!

My First InDesign Document.

Are you proud Mum?

TAFE Media Project Diary Pt 1: The Part At The Start (AKA The Begining).

I’ve been asked to do a journal style update for my TAFE Media Project. Here is that journal update. Having thought about the overall theme/subject for the Project and it’s required cross cultural component I’ve settled on a series of articles based mostly around the ADF and it’s current deployment to Afghanistan. The four stories … Continue reading

The Oscar Pistorius Interview.

No I didn’t actually interview him. The goal of the excersise was to come up with 10 questions to ask him in a ficticious news conference. These are my rather lacklustre ideas. 1. Can you explain police repeatedly referring to “previous domestic incidents” at your house prior to the death of Reeva Steenkamp? 2. You … Continue reading