I’m a bit of a saddo when it comes to sports and especially the teams that play them…

I been a pretty reasonable Melbourne Demons supporter since the age of 6, when I somehow decided they were the bees knee’s and thought they’d be worth a follow. What a grand idea that turned out to be! Sadly since then I’ve backed up my terrible first choice with a veritable honour roll of shite team choices. But i wouldn’t change them for the world. Say hello to my favorite sporting teams!

– Melbourne Demons.
– Denver Broncos.
– Denver Nuggets.
– Colorado Rockies.
– Colorado Avalanche.
– Canberra Raiders.
– Leeds United.

Told you…

You will often see me ramble on about one or more of these teams. It’s advised that a wet flannel be applied to ones forehead and two Panadol to be taken immediately upon contact with one of these so called “pieces of writing”. You have been warned.

EDIT: So the Broncos and Nuggets are currently bucking the failure trend most of my teams have been following for the last decade.  I’m going to ride that wave for as long as humanly possible.


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