Diploma Writing

Elland Road, Home of the mighty Leeds United.

Theme statement:

The Power And The Passion.

Sports teams around the globe. Why do we follow them? What connects us to them? And how do we create an identity that involves them when they are often thousands of miles away, yet at times so intrinsic to our lives.

I intend on:

– Speaking to local fans of Leeds United and the Denver Broncos.

– From these conversation I hope to uncover why they follow them, how they came to know about them, where they watch, their feelings on the teams and how passionate they are about them.

– I want to know why these people felt so attracted to these teams.

I’ve contacted the Leeds United Australian Fan chapter and registered for a forum for Australian US sports fans.

Expanded jot outline. Include quotes, rough outline basically.


Intro: Cast back to watching my first game of Premier league Footy. Cast back to watching the Dee’s play for the first time in the 1988 grand final. Cast back to watching the Broncos win the SB in 1998.

Body: What draws fans to the teams? Why do we put ourselves through the torment of watching games where we can win or lose, and why do we place so much stock in the result??













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