TAFE Diploma Media Project

This here is the page I’m going to use to discuss each of the 5 pieces that make up my Media Project.

And here… we… go.

Media Project Pt 1: Photo Essay of ANZAC Day 2013.

This speaks for itself.  I took my camera to the ANZAC Day parade in the city and tried to capture some compelling images. I was chasing the old VS the new of out returned servicemen, and used plenty of filters to achieve an “old timey” look. My audience was everybody, these men have gone to war for us, and we should remember them.

Media Project Pt 2: Circular Quay during the Vivid Festival 2013.

The reason I went for this was that a interview that I had arranged was pushed back multiple times to a date that was too late for the project. So I thought I’d take advantage of the pretty lights in the City during Vivid. My audience was everyone, who doesn’t like pretty pictures?

Media Project Pt 3: I Have Killed.

Again, I was forced to go for this because appointments and interviews didn’t fall into place. With all the mainstream media outrage about gaming and the supposedly negative impact it has on our “youth” I wanted to have a bit of a vent and explain my own experiences with gaming. My audience was gamers and people who have an interest in gaming. I was going for a comedy angle, something to appeal to younger parents and other people of my generation.

Media Project Pt 4: Women in Uniform.

This was an interview with a high ranking member of the Australian Army about her career and diversity in the Army. Audience would be newspaper reader and that kind of catchment.

Media Project pt 5: Very Senior Soldier.

This part was an interview in a different form with an RSM of the Australia Army. Audience would be those interested in Defence and the institution of the Army.



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