About the authour

The only people who are in any way shape or form likely to read this unless I become some kind of celebrity (or die in a particularly spectacular manner) are the people I have told about it, and they (sadly for them) already know me.  If  somehow you have managed to fall upon this blog, half starved and crazed from the intellectual wasteland that is the majority of the internet, then I am Nick, Great to see you here.  I reside in the North Shore of Sydney in the fine and islandy nation of Australia.  I live with my wife and 23 month old toddler.

I’m currently a Diploma student in Media and Communication at TAFE NSW. I also do game reviews for the fine folks at Aussie Game Geek.

When I do get the chance I play Xbox 360 or PC games, with a recent obsession with RTS and space sims walking hand in hand with my love of sports titles.  Occasionally I’ve been known to get a little worked up over them, but hey we all have our faults.

Sometimes I ride my mountain bike, But not as often as I should. The same goes for my running, and really, any exercise.

I love watching sports way more than I should.

I suppose even the total package has some failings…


2 Responses to “About the authour”
  1. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award… thanks and keep blogging! 🙂 http://thelatenightsession.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/id-like-to-thank-my-family-my-coach-and-all-the-fans/

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