Media Project Part 2: Circular Quay during the Vivid Festival 2013.

Due to time constraints and an interview that has been rescheduled three times I’ve decided to abandon one of my proposed stories and instead present another photo gallery, this time on Vivid.

Circular Quay was beyond packed, but the atmosphere was great and it was nice to see so many people out and about.

It’s a shame it takes a big festival of pretty colours and lights to get the place heaving, why doesn’t the MCA run this kind of stuff all the time/

Anyway, her you go. My attempt at some nice photos from Vivid. Enjoy!

PS: I need a new camera and some much better lenses.

More to follow, out.

4 Responses to “Media Project Part 2: Circular Quay during the Vivid Festival 2013.”
  1. Wow – the Vivid stuff is awesome!
    Beautiful colours and nicely framed.
    Professional looking stuff.
    I think there might be a few multiples in there, but the layout if really cool, with the big and small pictures it looks like a mosaic.

  2. Emma Marshall says:

    Wonderful work capturing a light show that would have been moving quite quickly. A lot of the ‘city scape’ scenes reminded me of Tron or Tokyo, I know you didn’t organise the lights, but the way you captured the moments really helped create that scene.

    I looked through the slides, rather than down the page, so if there’s to be any real criticism it would be to be more brutal with your selection of photos. There were maybe one or two multiples that didn’t need to be there, but that’s really a minor detail in what is, overall, a really well put together selection of well taken/well composed photos.

  3. Dallas G says:

    An extensive collection of images!

    I too looked through the slides and it was certainly apparent that there are groups of shots which are iterations of one main idea, and there are some clearly superior shots – the others should not have made the cut. For example of the earlier cityscape/bridge shots, there are some shots which were quite overexposed (again, at least on this monitor), and in the Opera house pics there are some where the image is more clearly captured – the others should have been culled. IMO, you should be ruthless when culling in general – if a shot is not something which can’t be retaken another time and doesn’t hold any sentimental value, get rid of it if it’s not nice and sharp, is less well-framed than another similar shot, etc.

    Some pics are generally a little soft, and this may be unavoidable due to the lens being a lower-cost item, but I’m assuming the max aperture of the lens is around f/4? You may have been able to get substantially sharper images by stopping down a bit to say f/5.6, as few lenses are at their sharpest wide open. I think this is evident in your Opera House pics, as you shot those stopped down and they look sharper.

    What ISO were you shooting at?

    With the shots of the moon, unless it was actually one of those golden moons I’d have changed the white balance setting so that the moon was whiter.

    Lots of ghosting of light sources too which is a bummer but may have been unavoidable (or hard to avoid) with that lens.

  4. Dallas G says:

    I should add that I think the Opera House and bridge images are nicely framed on the whole, good work dude!

    Reminds me of my early days messing with photography, when I could actually be bothered to trek out in the cold and sit around the harbour for hours. 😛 I should do it again though, it’s been years…

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