Taste Test.

Time for another opinion piece! Sucked in!

A few months back I decided to bite the bullet and move back into the PC gaming space.

Dawn of War 2

Dawn of War 2

I’ve been almost exclusively playing 360 and PS3 since 2007, when the 360 launched and my last PC finally gave up the ghost after one to many shitty upgrade attempts led too a dead graphics card, an underpowered and overtaxed power supply and a user who was totally over having to jury rig a bunch of disparate and second hand components together just to get a few days of gaming time out of a creaky PC.

Getting a new PC would increase the amount of titles I could review and let me play some of the genres that I hadn’t been able to play since walking away, Spider-Man style from PC gaming in the middle Noughties.

Spider-Man… No More! (Replace the uniform with a dumpy PC). Also, is Peter Parker wearing any socks?

An extra week of work and some overtime at Christmas saw the required funds available, and with trembling hands I went online and ordered up the parts to a pretty powerful and very reasonably priced PC. I was back baby!

Within a very short period of time it became apparent that my tastes in gaming had changed… a lot.

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes

I’m loving discovering (again) all the games and genres I loved back in the day.  Games like Company of Heroes, Dawn of War and Civilization.

It’s a new dawn.  And I’m loving watching the sun rise.

More to follow, out.


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