Media Project Part 1: Photo Essay of ANZAC Day 2013.

Lest we forget.

3 Responses to “Media Project Part 1: Photo Essay of ANZAC Day 2013.”
  1. There’s a feeling of solemnity and respect about these pictures.
    Very nice indeed.
    Just a thought, but having seen your Vivid work, that technique would have worked nicely on this one too – the pictures of varying size etc.
    Not sure about the sepia filter on some of the ANZAC ones, but the B&W ones are really good.

  2. Emma Marshall says:

    Some great work here. I am immediately jealous and impressed at anyone who can photograph moving people without turning it into a blur!

    My particular favourite (Australian Women’s Army service, in the jeep I think) was where the filter seemed to be a mix of sepia and drawing out the colours of the day. It gave it a really lovely ‘retro’ feel. It would have been great to see that effect of picking out one or two colours in the Black and White photos too. But obviously, I think that because it was my favourite style of photography.

    Also of note, you managed to capture some truly lovely moments and expressions during the parade, not just the sad but the celebratory and that’s so important for ANZAC Day.

  3. Dallas G says:

    Hey mate, good work overall, definitely some nice moments captured. 🙂 It can be hard to shoot at this type of event as your positioning is constrained and there are lots of people around.

    I like the use of depth of field in that first shot. As with Abe, I’m not a fan of the sepia conversion, in some pics it has given people green skin, on my monitor at least (recently calibrated but not designed with colour fidelity etc. in mind so it doesn’t have the highest quality panel in that respect). Exposure seems a bit off in some pics, but they were the minority. The B&W is good, but B&W conversion can be an art unto itself so it’s possible with some tweaking of settings (presuming you did the conversion in post) you could get different results which are even more suited to the subject matter – this is going to be a bit subjective though.

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