Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Review.

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Review for

By Nick Monfries.


Released just this week, the latest piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC from the friendly folks at BioWare is Leviathan.

In Leviathan Admiral Hackett has tasked Commander Shepard with assisting an Alliance scientist in tracking down the illusive and mysterious creature known as the Leviathan.  Powerful enough to defeat a Reaper in combat, The Leviathan hides in deep space far from the prying eyes of man.  But with the war against the Reapers in need to every bit of help it can get, it’s up to Shepard to track down this mighty being and potential asset in the fight against the Reapers.

But is it friend or foe?

Courtesy of BioWare

Being the first piece of paid single player DLC for Mass Effect 3, the first question that springs to mind is if this is actually worth purchasing.  As a fan of the game, the answer for me was quite simple.  Yes.  At 800 MS points and with a decent time of completion it’s worth every penny.

I’m going to remain as spoiler free here as I can.  Between the new locations you visit and new areas of old locations you’ll have plenty of exploring to do in the 2.5 hours of playtime Leviathan provides.  That exploration is rewarded with some new and interesting weapons and weapons mod’s, not to mention some light being shone in a couple of the darker areas of Mass Effects continuity and history.

Talk about the Perfect Storm… Image courtesy of BioWare.

Leviathan throws a couple of curve balls on the standard Mass Effect mission structure, so it feels a bit fresher and different.  The new planets and locations also help to let the missions feel new and exciting.  One fight in particular nearly had me bringing up my lunch as I fought off a few waves of Reapers on the heaving deck of a crashed ship on an ocean planet.  Another had me blasting my way across rickety platforms and brides while Reaper Harvesters blew 3 shades of hell out of my surroundings.

The new guns were a change of pace to my usual Mattock-centric slaughter., as was one of the new mods.  The Omni-Bayonet attaches to the front of your assault rifle and increases your melee damage.  Good times for those who like their combat up close and personal.

But it’s the extra storyline and explanation to the Mass Effect Universe that makes Leviathan a worthy purchase.  I can’t go into it for fear of ruining the surprise, but needless to say when you get to the bottom of the story, you’ll have uncovered a pretty significant and interesting part of Mass Effect.


Slick as always.  I’ve always really loved Mass Effects look and feel.  This continues the fine tradition.

Mass Effect 3 was one of the prettier new games I played this year.  Leviathan’s new environments make the most of the Unreal Engine 3, especially the final confrontation with Leviathan.

Music is the same as the full game, the same kind of Vangelis inspired electronic synthesiser work and crazy over the top organic death screech whenever a Banshee is coming to ruin your day.

There is nothing new to see in the controls or how the game operates.  I still occasionally have an attack of unco-ordination when Shepard is meant to be lithely vaulting over a piece of cover or sprinting with great agility between wreckage.

Lasting Appeal:
One and done I’m afraid.  As soon as you’ve finished the mission you’ll likely only ever play it again if you’re trying to complete the game as a whole again for the achievement.  Still, it impresses.

Rent, Try, Buy?:



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